Staff Directory

Ronda Appell Research Support Specialist

Taunia Arthur UACC Animal Technician

Picture of  Joni Aschim

Joni Aschim Human Research Ethics Coordinator

Anne Ballantyne Strategic Research Officer - Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy (CSIP)

Danielle Baron (on leave) Research Facilitator - Agriculture and Bioresources

Picture of  Nicole Benning

Nicole Benning Research Support Specialist

Picture of  Bruna Bonavia-Fisher

Bruna Bonavia-Fisher Research Facilitator - College of Medicine

Picture of  Ron Borowsky

Ron Borowsky NSERC Leader

Chris Bowman Portfolio Manager, Engineering and Physical Sciences

Picture of  Doreen Canillas

Doreen Canillas Programs Specialist

Tate Cao Research Support Specialist

Michelle Cholowsky Contracts Specialist

Gen Clark Research Facilitator - Pharmacy and Nutrition

Picture of  Roxanne Craig

Roxanne Craig International Activities and Information Specialist

Ranjan Datta Research Facilitator - Education

Alice Der Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice-President Research

Alice provides the Vice-President Research with high-level administrative support. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of the vice-president’s schedule and is the first point of contact for those seeking the vice-president’s time or attention.

Kevin Driscoll Research Facilitator - Agriculture and Bioresources

Lori Ebbesen Research Facilitator - Kinesiology; Physical Therapy

Bernadette El-Gayed Clerical Assistant, RSEO

Picture of  Danielle Ellis

Danielle Ellis Senior Programs Specialist

Picture of  Lisa Erickson

Lisa Erickson Manager, Community Engagement and Outreach

Picture of  Megan Fillatre

Megan Fillatre International Partnerships Specialist: Americas and Oceania

Gail Flynn (on leave) Research Ethics Coordinator, Animal & Human Ethics

Picture of  Megan Fulmes

Megan Fulmes International Information Specialist

Monty Gendall Senior Legal Counsel

Melanie Gibbons Animal Welfare Veterinarian

Picture of  Tom  Graham

Tom Graham Research Facilitator - Department of Emergency Medicine

Daniel Hallen Specialist, Research Profile and Impact

Alix Hayden Associate Director, Innovation Enterprise

Fiona Haynes Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science

Picture of  Deborah Houston

Deborah Houston Contracts Specialist

Megan Hubert Programs Officer, SRI

Bonnie Hughes Research Facilitator - Law

Picture of  Mahfam Jan

Mahfam Jan Internal Review Specialist, NSERC

Lisa Jategaonkar Associate Director, Strategic Research Initiatives

Shelley Jickling Senior HR Business Advisor, OVPR

Leah Johnson Research Support Specialist

Corinna Kashuba University Veterinarian

Jaspreet Kaur Grant Specialist

Picture of  Rosalia Kazleder

Rosalia Kazleder International Partnerships Specialist: Europe, Africa, Middle East

Amani Khelifa Assistant, Undergraduate Research Initiative

Meritt Kocdag Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science

Bonnie Korthuis Lead Human Research Ethics Specialist

Joelena Leader Research Facilitator, Edwards School of Business

Picture of  Jim Lee

Jim Lee PhD, P.Eng., FEC Executive Director, International

Candace Leuschen Executive Clinical and Research Assistant, AVPR-Health

Picture of  Le Li

Le Li International Research Specialist

Tania Liboiron UACC Animal Technician

Leona Lortie Executive Assistant/Communications Officer

Picture of  Kara Loy

Kara Loy Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Initiative

Katya MacDonald Research Facilitator - University Library

John Mapletoft Portfolio Manager, Life Sciences

Picture of  Darcy  Marciniuk

Darcy Marciniuk MD, FRCPC, FCCP, FCAHS Associate Vice-President Research

Dion Martens Executive Officer, Office of the Vice-President Research

Dion is responsible for directing the administration of the Office of the Vice-President Research, taking on special projects as needed and working with senior administrators, key staff and faculty in order to assist the vice-president in achieving her key objectives and priorities in an effective manner.

Picture of  Diane  Martz

Diane Martz Director, International Research and Partnerships

Picture of  Leanne McCutcheon

Leanne McCutcheon Financial Coordinator

Lianne McLeod Research Facilitator, WCVM

Picture of  Dena McMartin

Dena McMartin PhD, P.Eng., FEC Director of Research Services and Assistant Vice-President Research

Picture of  Brenda Meyer-Burt

Brenda Meyer-Burt Research Support Specialist

Picture of  Janice Michael

Janice Michael Financial Development Specialist

Picture of  Oksana Moshynska

Oksana Moshynska Research Programs Advisor

Picture of  Karen Mosier

Karen Mosier Research Coordinator - Department of Surgery

Picture of  Sara Mueller

Sara Mueller Faculty Awards and Recognition Specialist

Jennifer Mynhardt Administrative Officer, Strategic Research Initiatives

Raj Nayak Portfolio Manager, ICT, Fine Arts and Humanities

Picture of  Darren Nickel

Darren Nickel Research Coordinator - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Picture of  Bram Noble

Bram Noble SSHRC Leader

Waineright Noble Intellectual Property Specialist

Rob Norris Senior Strategist, Research Partnerships

Picture of  Jackie Oliver

Jackie Oliver Contracts Specialist

Ed Pas Portfolio Manager, Life Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Sarath Peiris Assistant Director, Research Profile and Impact

Diana Pitoulis Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice-President Research

Diana provides high-level support to executives within the Office of the Vice-President Research.

Picture of  Amanda  Plante

Amanda Plante Research Ethics Specialist (Animal)

Caitlin Prebble (term) Human Research Ethics Coordinator

Picture of  Erin Prosser-Loose

Erin Prosser-Loose Research Coordinator - Pediatrics

Jason Raine Senior Advisor, Aquatics Research Facilities

Nick Reymond Human Research Ethics Specialist (Behavioural)

Carrie Rhodes UACC Animal Technician

Meaghan Risling Administrative Coordinator, SRI

Picture of  Curtis Sanderson

Curtis Sanderson Clerical Assistant, Community Engagement and Outreach

Ozlem Sari Research Facilitator - Nursing

Picture of  Laurie Schimpf

Laurie Schimpf Research Support Specialist

Picture of  Kevin Schneider

Kevin Schneider Associate Vice-President Research (Interim)

Amit Shukla Chief Program Manager

Heidi Smithson Research Facilitator - Engineering

Picture of  Cara Spence

Cara Spence International Research Specialist

Picture of  Sandra  Stone

Sandra Stone Lead CFI Specialist

Picture of  Frank Su

Frank Su Portfolio Manager, Agriculture and Bioresources

Kurtis Swekla (term) Animal Welfare Veterinarian

Picture of  Izabela  Szelest

Izabela Szelest Research Facilitator - Department of Psychiatry

Picture of  Leila Tang

Leila Tang International Partnerships Specialist: Asia

Javier Tavitas Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science

Adrian Taylor Clerical Assistant, Human Research Ethics

Picture of  Robin Thurmeier

Robin Thurmeier Research Facilitator - Nursing

Picture of  Kevin Veitenheimer

Kevin Veitenheimer Senior Financial Officer, Office of the Vice-President Research

Kevin is responsible for providing strategic financial leadership to the Office of the Vice-President Research.

Brittany Walch Internal Review Specialist, SSHRC and CIHR

Picture of  Kathryn Warden

Kathryn Warden Director, Research Profile and Impact

Jon Watts Research Facilitator - Department of Medicine

Tonya Wirchenko Manager, Executive Initiatives and Projects

Kimberley Yausie Executive Assistant, Associate Vice-President Research

Kim provides the Associate Vice-President Research with confidential and high-level administrative support. She is also the first point of contact for those seeking the associate vice-president’s time or attention.

Laura Zink Director, Strategic Research Initiatives

Picture of  Li Zong

Li Zong Special Advisor on China; Director, Confucius Institute