Our skilled team can help selected prospective projects to navigate the complexity of a large-scale grant proposal, which might include multiple researchers, institutions, industry partners, or communities.

We provide a full suite of strategic and practical supports across the grant application cycle, from supporting the development of research clusters and partnerships, to ensuring you receive expert feedback prior to submission, to assisting with writing, editing, budget development, and logistics.

Programs we support include the SSHRC Partnership Grants, CIHR Strategic Grants, NSERC CREATE and Alliance, CFI IF, Tri-Agency Research Chairs, New Frontiers of Research (Transformation Stream), Genome Canada, and many others.

Proposal Facilitation

Our grant snapshots provide up-to-date research on the characteristics of successful applications for a number of key programs. 

Contact rasi.support@usask.ca for the relevant grant snapshot guide. 



Successful CREATE grant profile


Should I apply for a SSHRC Partnership Development or a SSHRC Partnership?


Our team of program experts brings years of successful grant editing, writing, and development experience to your project. Strategic facilitation will leverage this expertise for your proposal.

We facilitate collaborative grant requirements, including liaising with partners and procuring letters of support, CVs, and other application materials with partners and co-researchers as part of your strategic facilitation process. 

This guide provides an overview of what equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles researchers need to consider when preparing a grant application.

Budget Support

Budgets are a critical component of grantwriting. We have a number of budget templates which will help you shape your grant proposal. 

For budget templates, please contact rasi.support@usask.ca

Valuing in-kind contributions to research are essential to a well-balanced budget. We have developed grant specifc in-kind valuation tools for researchers to give additional guidance. 



For more information, please contact rasi.support@usask.ca


Before you dive into large-scale proposal development, we offer the opportunity to “test your concept” before a panel of expert USask researchers. These panels normally take place well before a grant deadline and are an exceptional opportunity to refine your ideas and receive feedback at a key stage of the grant development process.

Contact rasi.support@usask.ca for more information.

Pre-Eminent Expert Reviewers (PEER) members offer PI mentorship, early stage feedback on research ideas, and expert internal reviews prior to proposal submission, with a focus on key tri-agency programs and institutionally significant grants.

PEER membership is composed of invited USask researchers with demonstrated review experience of federal programs, who hold national funding in leading-edge programs, or with demonstrated tri-agency success. Through their generous service, USask is able to leverage PEER expertise to submit grant proposals that are innovative, competitive and at the cutting-edge of their fields.

PEER review is usually included as part of the RASI strategic facilitation process.