Telling your research story

You've just been awarded a grant. 
Your paper has been accepted for publication. 

You've made a new discovery.

You've just been awarded a patent.

You've just received an award.

Now what?

Let us help you tell your story.

Research Profile and Impact

Work with Research Profile and Impact, a unit of the Office of the Vice-President Research, to communicate your research to the world. 

Our unit is the communications liaison with federal and provincial research agencies. We work in close co-ordination with University Relations and a network of USask college and research centre communicators. 

Services we provide:
  • Strategic research communications - in print, video, and photos
  • Reputation and profile building
  • Issues management, crisis communications, and reputational risk management
  • External communications coordination
  • Major news announcements and events
  • Research communications strategic advice to USask colleges and centres
  • Communication and knowledge mobilization strategy
  • News release creation - research funding announcements, awards, commercialization, international partnerships
  • “Young Innovators” student research profiles
  • Op eds and research stories for “The Conversation”
  • Plain language and storytelling workshops
  • Media relations

Our team


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USask Novel Coronavirus Research at VIDO-InterVac
RSC: Alison Norlen
RSC: Valerie Korinek
RSC: Christy Morrissey