Research Data Management (RDM)

Definition: Processes applied throughout the lifecycle of a research project to guide the collection, documentation, storage, sharing and preservation of research data.



Image: Steer Clear by Janelle Smith, submitted to the 2019 Images of Research Competition.

Good RDM practices improve research efficiency, support research integrity and replication, and enhance research visibility and impact.

These outcomes benefit researchers and their institutions, funders and the research enterprise in Canada and internationally.


USask RDM Communications - May, 2024

To keep the USask community up to date on the institutional RDM efforts, there are planned communications every January, May, and September. Some months may see more updates than others. In the case of the May 2024 update, there’s exciting news to share! Apologies to the community for the delay.

USask RDM Strategy Implementation Team

The RDM Executive Sponsors Group is set to re-establish itself and Terms of Reference are being drafted. The RDM Steering Committee has been meeting monthly and has recently finalized its’ Terms of Reference. A Governance Structure for the Implementation Team has been developed and approved by the RDM Steering Committee. The RDM Working Group’s composition has been established and kicked off its’ first meeting in May! The RDM Coordinator is in the process of formally establishing the RDM End-user Advisory Group, which will begin to take shape in Summer 2024.

The RDM End-user Advisory Group will be comprised of researchers, research support staff (e.g., lab managers, study coordinators), and graduate students & postdoctoral fellows. This group will serve as an advisory body to the RDM Working Group and will provide crucial input and feedback on plans for strategy implementation and delivery of the USask RDM Recommendations.

The RDM End-User Advisory Group will play a pivotal role in the future of RDM services at the University of Saskatchewan.

If you are interested in participating in the RDM End-user Advisory Group, please contact the RDM Coordinator (

Summer RDM Training Program

The University Library and OVPR collaborated to host a Summer RDM Training Program that was targeted to trainees, research support staff (e.g., lab managers, study coordinators), and researchers. The Program introduces RDM broadly and Data Management Plan (DMP) development training specifically. We are excited to share that we had tremendous interest with 200 participants enrolled and even had a waitlist! We also developed a side-training component for upskilling Librarians and Research Administrative staff on how to evaluate DMPs to better serve our research community.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the program in its current form due to unforeseen events.

Due to the demand from the community (thank you!), we have pivoted and instead offered a recorded introductory session and three self-guided workshop activities. Registered participants are welcome (but not required) to submit a DMP for feedback. Once the revised Program has been completed, we will be making the recording(s) available to the community. Information on where to access the recordings will be distributed once available. Keep an eye out!

We will be developing more RDM training opportunities and will be hosting the Summer RDM Training Program again next summer.

Engagement with the USask Community

The RDM Coordinator is committed to engaging with the USask community. The RDM Coordinator has been meeting with units from across campus to hear directly from staff within them about their questions, concerns and needs in relation to RDM. The RDM Coordinator has been and will continue to give presentations on what the institution is doing for RDM. If your unit or department is interested in hearing one of these presentations, please contact ( 

As always, please feel free to connect with the RDM Coordinator should you have any questions or concerns related to Research Data Management.

USask RDM Communications - January, 2024

RDM Strategy

Developed in response to the Tri-agency Research Data Management Policy, the RDM Strategy provides a roadmap outlining how USask will support researchers at all levels in complying with funder and publisher data policies, conducting high-quality, responsible research, and applying best practices in RDM.

The next phase of the USask RDM evolution is to (1) develop a multi-year implementation strategy of the roadmap, (2) to coordinate existing RDM supports and their integration into the roadmap, and (3) to develop a system by which USask RDM supports can be monitored and improved as needed. To this end, we are pleased to announce that an RDM Coordinator, Ms. Colleen Cochran, has been hired and began in the role in November 2023. 

The RDM Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the success of this multi-year endeavour which includes the three above noted goals. She will be coordinating an RDM Working Group(s) comprised of colleagues across campus to assist in completing the recommendations outlined in the Strategy and Roadmap. A USask RDM Steering Committee has been formed and will provide oversight to the USask RDM Working Group(s) and Focus Groups, which are currently being formed as of January 2024.

This phase will include engagement with the USask community (faculty, staff, and students), via a number of different avenues. We understand that not everyone can participate in a working group, or focus group, due to numerous factors. We still want to hear from you! The USask Communities’ input on the future of Research Data Management is crucial. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to contact the RDM Coordinator (Ms. Colleen Cochran) with their questions, concerns, suggestions, and/or ideas. Please direct these comments to

If you are interested in participating in a working group or future focus group, please direct your email to