Reporting an invention

If you feel that you have an invention with commercial potential, contact us to get in touch with one of our technology transfer specialists.

We would like to meet you and give you an opportunity to explain your invention and highlight its advantages, discuss how far your research has progressed, your future research plans, possible markets for your invention and any past or planned public disclosures of the invention.

At the end of this meeting, the technology transfer specialist will let you know whether they would like you to submit a formal Innovation Summary form.

Memorandum of Agreement & Assignments

As a condition of employment, faculty, staff and graduate students are required to sign an agreement with the University called the “Memorandum of Agreement Respecting Inventions.”  In this agreement, faculty, staff and graduate students agree to transfer to the University their interests (ownership) in any Invention created in the course of employment or through the use of University resources. Assignment of intellectual property rights is a transfer of ownership.

Please consult the form most applicable to your situation can be accessed:

Confidential Disclosure (CDAs) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

To facilitate their research program and assist research colleagues at other institutions or companies, U of S faculty may want to receive or provide confidential information or certain materials.

University policy and practice require such transfers to be done with legally binding agreements in place to ensure such confidential information or materials are used only for specific purposes and are not passed on to third parties. Such agreements also ensure both parties rights regarding the use of resulting discoveries or inventions.

Innovation Mobilization and Partnerships has the responsibility and authority to negotiate and sign such agreements on behalf of the University of Saskatchewan.

Whenever possible, we try to use the standard Confidential Disclosure Agreement and Material Transfer Agreement templates that have been established. Some customization may be needed for specific situations. It is common that whoever is supplying the information or material will want to use their standard agreement so when information or material is coming into the U of S, the Innovation Mobilization and Partnerships team will work with the other party to negotiate changes we think are necessary to their standard forms.

It is important to contact Innovation Mobilization and Partnerships for advice and assistance regarding CDAs and MTAs and provide sufficient lead time – usually several weeks or more – to ensure our office can complete the due diligence necessary.

In conclusion, CDA and MTA arrangements need to be done correctly as they can impact your future ability to do research.