Fast License

Skip the obstacles with USask Fast License, a new commercialization tool designed to make accessing university technology faster and easier.


Get a fully-executed license in as quickly as a few days.


  • Exclusive license with no restrictions on territory or field of use, valid until the expiry of the last patent(s) related to the technology.
  • Licensee has full rights to sublicense. University consent is not required.
  • Licensee pays patent costs and a 1% royalty on sales.


The vast majority of USask technologies are available under this program.  More than 80 technologies are available for licensing in these main research areas: Agriculture & Bioresources; Animal Health, Engineering & Sciences, Health Science, Information & Communication, and the Social Sciences & Humanities

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Fast facts

A license is a legal agreement which allows companies to make or use University of Saskatchewan-developed research. Depending on the technology and other factors, licensing agreements can be complicated and take months or even years to negotiate. The USask Fast License is a new commercialization tool that is designed to make the process of accessing university technology faster and easier.

The Fast License is intended to save time and money and help businesses gain competitive advantages. The goal is to increase the likelihood that USask innovations will have real impact in the world by putting them in the hands of businesses large and small in an efficient way.

In a USask Fast License, the key business terms are available in a succinct and simple summary and are designed to be attractive to most, if not all, companies interested in licensing technologies created by USask innovators. Both the simple business terms summary and the full license contract are available on our website in advance.