If Innovation Mobilization and Partnerships proposes an investment, a number of activities including the following will be initiated:

  • Developing a marketing and commercialization strategy (inventor included in process)
  • Evaluating the optimal path to value and external impact for the innovation - is it something that is best suited for publication, intellectual property protection, outlicensing, or a start-up or social good initiative
  • Initiating a plan for obtaining statutory protection for IP (i.e. patent or copyright registration) if appropriate
  • Preparing a non-confidential summary (NCS) of the technology for exploring a licensing opportunity
  • Posting the NCS to Innovation Mobilization and Partnership's web site and other web sites and databases designed for marketing university technologies
  • Activating our network of industrial contacts, targeting conferences and tradeshows, scheduling lectures, and undertaking a host of strategies designed to attract licensees

The inventor is consulted and invited to be actively involved in all of these steps.

Please review our Innovator's Guide for more information on the process of innovation development and commercialization.