Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. A. Einstein

Innovation entails a new product, business process or improvements thereof, for the creation of sustainable economic growth and social well-being. Entrepreneurship refers to a positive perspective with a focus on recognizing opportunities and nurturing innovative solutions. Consequently, it demands enthusiasm, creativity, energy, collaboration and a result oriented method.

Innovation Mobilization and Partnerships helps researchers transform their inventions into successful innovations by taking initiatives, being engaged and applying entrepreneurship in the day-to-day actions. Innovation Mobilization and Partnerships emphasizes a firm and explicit connection between new knowledge, research and successful, innovative companies. Researchers and companies complement each other and advancement is made through collaboration between the two parties.

Anyone can have a great idea. An inventor is not necessarily an entrepreneur, and vice versa.

Be open minded. Think different. Think bold. Think innovation. Act courageously and purpose driven. 


Our high-level objective is to establish and drive a novel virtuous cycle of university and industry relationship, in an entrepreneurial fashion: