Mitacs Indigenous Pathways: 2023-24

Indigenous Pathways - Accelerate and BSI

Mitacs is committed to working with indigenous peoples and creating equitable access to our Programs. This initiative aims to diminish the barriers of innovation, in any discipline, by reducing the cost of collaborations between partners and academia. Under the Indigenous Pathways program Mitacs Accelerate and Business Strategy Internship (BSI) provides 75%, while the partner organization only provides 25% of the project cost.

For a project to be qualified for Indigenous Pathways offering at Mitacs, at least one of the following three conditions should apply:

  • Students, graduate students, recent graduates or postdoctoral fellows on the research project self-identify as Indigenous
  • The partner organization is a for-profit organization with self-identifying Indigenous persons who hold 50% or greater ownership shares.
  • The partner organization is a not-for-profit organization with board membership consisting of 50% or greater self-identifying Indigenous persons
  • The partner organization is a not-for-profit organization whose core mandate includes Indigenous community impact or serving Indigenous communities

All other Accelerate and BSI rules apply. Please see below. Mitacs provides one-on-one support to build proposals.

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Interested partners, students, and faculty, please contact Dr. Zsuzsa Papp for more information.