Available Services

Research Computing is committed to helping researchers reach their goals using advanced computing technology and services. If you don’t find what you need, contact one of our Research Computing professionals.

Some of the services available for your research computing needs:

Consulting Services

IT experts available to help with early-stage planning, grant application reviews, system design, operational support, troubleshooting, data management, data security, and Linux support.

Data and Storage Services

Professional data and storage services for large and small research needs, with built-in security, network access, automatic back-up, collaboration capabilities, and data transfer tools.

Compute Services

High performance computing resources and consulting supporting high-precision calculations, parallel processing, large memory applications, GPU processing, and visualization.

Software Services

Scientific software tools available from top vendors to support digitally-enabled research in all disciplines, including survey instruments for general or sensitive data collection applications.

Consulting Services

System Design and Planning

Service       Features

System Design and Planning

Expertise in building and design IT solutions from basic sciences - mathematics, physics, and chemistry to social sciences, medicine, computer science, and agriculture.

  • Software – Research applications, tools, pipelines
  • Hardware – clusters, GPUs, parallel computers, RAM, dedicated instruments
  • Network – connectivity, wireless, wired, switches

Reviews - Funding Applications

IT consulting for grant applications (CFI, CIHI…)

Service    Features


Review of funding applications to ensure IT components meet the minimum standards required by funders. 

  • Review and consult on proposals, grants and applications (CFI, CIHI…) including ensuring alignment and compatibility with campus systems
  • Review all aspects of your IT research needs, from overall systems design to project-specific requirements on computational equipment, data storage and transfer, licensed software and other related resources.
  • Ensure compatibility of proposed IT infrastructure with campus networks and systems
  • Planning, design, build and support of complex and high performance computing systems
  • Data management plan, security and transfer
  • Advice on how computational needs of your project can be leveraged by existing on-campus or external resources (i.e. vendors, Compute Canada, WestGrid) and others

Linux Computing

Service    Service Description


Offers support of Linux based research servers, desktops and Linux based instruments. We employ industry best-practices and use the most current tools to support your research needs. ICT officially supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The service includes:

  • Red Hat Support – server and desktop
  • System configuration – applications installation, security, authentication, certifications
  • Maintenance – log rotation, patches and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting

Data and Storage Services

Storage and Sharing

These services provide faculty and staff with access to secure storage for departmental, group and individual needs. Systems are professionally maintained using industry best practices and include dedicated data centers with power management, heating and cooling, back-up and security. Secure file transfer and sharing with remote and local collaborators are available on designated services.

Refer to the Data Governance and Classification framework for guidance on your data management responsibilities. Data Classifications should be used as a guide when choosing how to store or share university data and information.

Option    Features
  • Limited capacity (50GB)
  • All data types
  • No sharing / No custom permissions


  • Large capacity storage* (<20TB)
  • For research data
  • Sharing / Custom Permissions
  • Available to faculty researchers exclusively. Staff and students may access through faculty.


  • Medium capacity (<200GB)
  • For administrative data for staff use
  • Custom Permissions


  • Medium capacity (1TB)
  • For all data types
  • Sharing / Distributed authoring


  • Limited capacity (<300GB)
  • For special case data types
  • Sharing / Distributed authoring


  • < 10G
  • Individual account home dir
  • For student, researchers and groups (Linux only)
  • Sharing / Custom Permissions for group shares

* No charge for any of the options unless you need more than 3TB with DATASTORE.

Data Management

This service works closely with our Library partners to provide researchers with access to data management planning expertise, resources and tools needed to manage your data, adhere to best practices and comply with current and future expectations. Researchers are encouraged to consult with the Library and Research Computing to develop a data management plan (DMP).

Service     Features

Data Management

Tools, resources and expertise to answer questions, guide researchers through the entire data life-cycle (see the Library RDM guide) and prepare and execute a data management plan.

  • Research data storage, data security, and back-ups
  • Curation, discoverability, and preservation consulting through the Library
  • Open file formats, meta-data, version control, naming through the Library and Research Computing
  • Developing data management plans (DMPs), including for Research Ethics
  • Access for depositing data into repositories (e.g., Federated Research Data Repository, FRDR)

Data Transfer

Research computing provides tools and expertise to move data efficiently, no matter how big.

  • Globus
  • SFTP
  • SCP, RCP
  • Others

Storage and Repositories

Secure repositories dedicated to research and scholarly activities
(see File Storage and Sharing info above)

Data Security

This service provides researchers with access to data security resources, tools and services including expertise needed to secure the most sensitive data. Refer to the Data Governance Framework to determine your data’s classification.

Service    Features

Data Security and Governance

Researchers are responsible for protecting the data in their care (duty-of-care) data. Research Computing provides expertise, tools and services to support all data security needs.

Data Categorization

USask provides guides to help categorize your data and make use of the most appropriate resources.

Compute Services

High Performance Computing

Access high performance computing (HPC) research infrastructure, software, and expertise.

Service    Features
High Performance
Computing Systems   

Powerful computing equipment dedicated to researchers with the experts to get you started, answer questions, and support your efforts.

  • Cluster(s), parallel computing, large memory (HPC)
  • Training (personalized, group)
  • Compute Canada / WestGrid – providing support and access
  • Hosting services (Compute Research Facility - CRF) – CRF will host outside servers and equipment in a professionally managed environment
HPC Expertise

Our professionals have years of high performance computing experience.

  • Planning, design, build and support of complex and high performance computing systems
  • Review and consult on proposals, grants and applications
  • Hardware maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Algorithm design and troubleshooting
  • Parallel programming
Data Management
  • Assistance in developing and implementing a comprehensive data management plan
Data Transfer
  • Globus
  • SFTP
  • SCP, RCP
Data Visualization
  • See below

Data Visualization

Access advanced data visualization tools.

Service Features
Data Visualization
  • Hardware and software, including 3D technology
  • WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility
  • 19-foot wide screen
  • High-definition H.323 video conferencing system
  • High resolution digital projectors
  • 94-inch SMART board
  • Seating for 16

Software Services

Survey Instruments

Tool     Features


  • Applications: Clinical, behavioral and other sensitive data situation
  • Data residency: University of Saskatchewan (private)
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Sophistication and Flexibility: 8/10

Survey Monkey 

  • Applications: General purpose
  • Data residency: Canada* (third-party)
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Sophistication and Flexibility: 6/10

Scientific Software

Licenses are hosted on ICT servers and managed to ensure availability. If you’d like to see additional software packages, please contact Research Computing.

Service     Packages

Scientific Software

  • ArcGIS – Geographic information system
  • COMSOL- Multiphysics Simulations‎
  • Geomatica – Remote sensing
  • LabArchives – Electronic lab notebook (ELN)
  • Maple – Numeric and symbolic computing environment
  • Mathematica Technical computing system
  • MATLAB - Multi-paradigm numerical computing environment
  • NVivo  – Qualitative data analysis
  • Origin Graphing – Interactive scientific graphing
  • – Statistical programming
  • SAS – Statistical analysis
  • SPSS – Interactive statistical analysis
  • Stata – General purpose statistical analysis
  • GitLab – Version control software
*Please Note
  • Research computing does not provide application level support for the above software packages.
  • Some licenses are limited by the number of concurrent users and may not be available at all times.
  • Licenses are provided at no charge to faculty and students


We advance the University of Saskatchewan’s research mission by supporting researchers with a team of highly skilled professionals and a cohesive suite of research-focused IT services.

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