International Office

Picture of  Roxanne Craig

Roxanne Craig International Activities and Information Specialist

Megan Fillatre (on leave) International Partnerships Specialist (Europe, Africa, Americas)

Megan Fulmes International Information Specialist

Rozalia Kazleder International Partnerships Specialist - Europe, Africa, Americas

Picture of  Jim Lee

Jim Lee PhD, P.Eng., FEC Executive Director, International

Picture of  Le Li

Le Li International Research Specialist

Picture of  Leina Liao

Leina Liao International Partnerships Specialist (Asia, Oceania)

Picture of  Darcy  Marciniuk

Darcy Marciniuk MD, FRCPC, FCCP, FCAHS Associate Vice-President Research - Health (Interim) - (Research and International)

Picture of  Diane  Martz

Diane Martz Director, International Research and Partnerships

Cara Spence International Research Specialist