Research Facilitators and Coordinators

Anne Ballantyne Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science

Danielle Baron Research Facilitator - Agriculture and Bioresources

Picture of  Bruna Bonavia-Fisher

Bruna Bonavia-Fisher Research Facilitator - College of Medicine

Picture of  Ron Borowsky

Ron Borowsky NSERC Leader

Sanjukta Choudhury Research Facilitator - Law

Gen Clark Research Facilitator - Pharmacy and Nutrition

Tova Dybvig Research Facilitator - Department of Pediatrics

Lori Ebbesen Research Facilitator - Kinesiology and School of Rehabilitation Science

Picture of  Tom  Graham

Tom Graham Research Facilitator - Department of Emergency Medicine

Fiona Haynes Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science

Bonnie Hughes (on leave) Research Facilitator - Law

Joelena Leader Research Facilitator, Edwards School of Business

Picture of  Le Li

Le Li International Research Specialist

Katya MacDonald Research Facilitator - University Library

Picture of  Darcy  Marciniuk

Darcy Marciniuk MD, FRCPC, FCCP, FCAHS Associate Vice-President Research

Lianne McLeod Research Facilitator - WCVM

Picture of  Dena McMartin

Dena McMartin PhD, P.Eng., FEC Director of Research Services and Assistant Vice-President Research

Picture of  Karen Mosier

Karen Mosier Research Coordinator - Department of Surgery

Shelley-May Neufeld Research Development Officer - SENS

Picture of  Darren Nickel

Darren Nickel Research Coordinator - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Ozlem Sari Research Facilitator - Nursing

Heidi Smithson Research Facilitator - Engineering

Picture of  Cara Spence

Cara Spence International Research Specialist

Javier Tavitas Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science

Picture of  Robin Thurmeier

Robin Thurmeier Research Facilitator - Nursing

Jon Watts Research Facilitator - Department of Medicine