2022-2023 Best Paper Prizes

Two papers selected as “Best Papers” published in the USURJ journal this year

USask undergraduate students explore research data management

USask undergraduate students learn about research data management and build research data management plans for their summer research projects

Computer Science and Undergraduate Research: Fast Forwarding the Research Landscape

At the recent Summer 2022 Student Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Symposium, two of the top three awards were taken by students from USask’s Computer Science department. T...

Entomology, Exploration, and Embracing Setbacks: Jeremy Irvine on undergraduate research

Jeremy Irvine is in his fourth-year of the Bachelor of Sciences in Agriculture, majoring in Agronomy. Supervised by Dr. Sean Prager (PhD), Jeremy is researching the relationships a...

SURE summer Symposium 2022 highlights

The annual SURE: Student Undergraduate Research Experience summer Symposium highlights and winners

FutureNow a Huge Success

Students from USask participated in the first FutureNow event at the Saskatchewan Legislature to showcase undergraduate student research, scholarly, artistic and applied events.

High Density Lipoprotein and Disease: Student Brynne Stebbings on undergraduate research

Brynne Stebbing's research investigates the role of stress regulated transcription factors on high density lipoprotein (HDL) Function and Composition in obesity-linked disease.

Climate Change and Supply Chains: Student Treyton Zary on undergraduate research

Treyton Zary is passionate about climate change and wanted to bring that interest to his love for learning.

Memphis Long – Being SURE of Your Abilities

"I loved spending the summer learning about new topics and it allowed for networking with other students and professors that would otherwise not be as accessible.”

The Lab Rat: Ashton Heidt

Ashton Heidt is currently in fourth year of a BSc (Honours) degree from the College of Arts and Science, majoring in physiology and pharmacology. His research project (with the gui...

USask ArtSci graduate builds career from undergraduate research experiences

“The best researchers are those that are continuing to learn.”

USask PhD graduate returns to academia to pursue a research-focused undergraduate degree

“Every step of the research process is another opportunity to gain new or refine old perspectives on the topic, your team, and of course, yourself.”

USask AgBio student finds her place among research community

“I can definitely say I am in the right career path.”

USask ArtSci student aims to use research to inspire community action against healthcare inequities

“Research offers us the opportunity to question our surroundings to ensure that the best possible care and knowledge is implanted.”

Resilient Women in Toxicology Research

"The lessons and skills I learned in my research project are things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life," says undergraduate research student, Lacy Smith.

Vaidehee Lanke -- Science, Research & Society

“I’m determined, through all the work I do, to contribute to creating a more equal, sustainable, better world for all.”

Alexa Saleski -- A Lifelong Learner

“When people ask me what I want to be in the future, I generally respond, ‘A lifelong learner.’”

Alexa Saleski -- A Lifelong Learner

“When people ask me what I want to be in the future, I generally respond, ‘A lifelong learner.’”

Play in the Grey Area

Samia Sami recounts her experiences as an undergraduate student researcher in the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in 2019

The Worm Journal

“The best thing about research is that there are so many unanswered questions; there is always something new to learn”

The Domino Effect

“Something I could discover may lead to someone else to discover another thing and could lead to a revolutionary change in our understanding of a subject…” Prapti Patel shares her ...

Patience and Perseverance Pays Off

Aurora Lepe Zepeda has found that patience and perseverance are a fundamental part of the learning process. As the winner of three awards valued at $1200 at the 2019 USSU Undergrad...

Lecture, Lab, and Life

Undergraduate research student, Mars Zhao, shares his experience working in a lab as a summer Research Assistant.

A Prescription for Research

Kawthar Mohamed shares her story of working as a summer research assistant in the exciting field of cannabinoids.

Research is in my DNA

Tayab Soomro describes his experience working as an undergraduate research assistant working with DNA sequencing technology.

For the Love of Research

Through course-work, Sadika found her passion for research, pushing her to work towards pursuing a career in research.

Reconstructing a Future in Research

By completing several courses which required a research paper, Sheldon Alderton had a handful of scholarly papers under his belt. Although many in the same position close the chapt...

Into the Wild: Research in the Boreal Forest

As a third year student majoring in Biology at the time, Meghan Hamp said “Yes” to one undergraduate research opportunity, only to have it pave the way to many others.

Mining for Data, Striking a Future

As most undergraduates will tell you, it is rare for a student to be certain of both the academic and career paths that they wish to pursue. U of S political studies major Davis Yu...

Nuclear Researcher Living More than a Mere Half-Life

Aravind Ravichandran has always had two passions: physics and societal improvement. Through his local and global research experiences, including involvement in the Let’s Talk Scien...

The Stepping Stones to Becoming a Research Rockstar

Courtney Onstad participated in the USSU’s Undergraduate Research Symposium last year and won two awards: First Place for Science & Engineering Placement Prizes ($500) and a Signat...

Art & Science: The Story of a Single Stream

In spring of 2017, the story of “Becoming Water” made waves at Gordon Snelgrove Gallery. Along the walls and floors webbed a story that merged two worlds, art and science. This exh...

Lessons in Lifelong Learning

Kristy Lichtenwald spent the summer of 2017 working with Dr. Dirk Morrison in the College of Education. She shares her reflection of the research experience.

Those Who Can Do, Teach

In the summer between graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History in the College of Arts & Science, and beginning a new year in the College of Education, U of S student Taylin Do...

Globalink Intern Connects with Indigenous Language Research

Annalena Felber, a 2017 Mitacs Globalink Research Intern, came to the U of S for a summer-long research assistantship with Dr. Marguerite Koole. Together, they investigated the rev...

Star-Struck by Science

Simone Hagey, a physics and astronomy student, went from taking a FYRE class to becoming a research coach and USRA recipient.

Meeting the Challenge of Research

Saruul Uuganbayar, a participant in One HEALtH challenges and a Science ambassador, discusses the impact of undergraduate research.

A Stride in the Right Direction

Abhishek Kumar has long been determined to not only become a practicing physician, but to also uncover clinical applications for cutting-edge biomechanical discoveries. After his i...

The Success of Summer Research

Dakoda Herman was working on his BSc Honours in Biochemistry while he scoped out research opportunities on campus. He shares insight and advice to students new to research.

FYRE on the Beamline

Zachary Person was involved in the pilot project for Environmental Science 110, which involved a research project using the IDEAS Beamline at the Canadian Light Source (CLS).

Three Different Kinds of Research

Kari Duerksen discusses her research experience as an Honours student, a USRA, and a research assistant.

International Student Investigates Multinational Tax Avoidance

Yangyang Liu discusses how, as a business student in accounting, she undertook a research project which opened new avenues for her to discover


In March, 2015, Kimberley Dubé and Caelia Gardiner were joined by fellow undergraduate researchers from Alberta and Oslo in order to study rocket science at the top of the world.

Seeing the Social in the Science

Jacqueline Nokusis studies microbiology and immunology with a focus on community-based research.

Tackling the Mysteries of Pigmentary Uveitis

Vanessa Holly shares her story of working with researchers at the WCVM to study a challenging eye disease. The following story originally appeared as part of a weekly series in WCV...

Research at the Canadian Light Source

Carmen Marquez Mellidez transferred from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP). Because of exciting research oppor...

Research with CMRS

Courtney Tuck discusses her experience with research in Classics, Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Research and Community-Building

Jessica Alegria is in her final year of the Regional and Urban Planning program at the University of Saskatchewan. She has found that this program, alongside her work with the Cana...

An Undergraduate Experience in Arctic Research

Nicole Marleau spent two months researching in Alexandra Fiord - a place further north than any permanent community in the world.

The (Socio)Logical Choice

Quaid Bettschen describes his experience as research assistant in Sociology.

Researching WISE Growing Practices at the U of S

Taryn Goff received an ICAN-WISE scholarship in the summer 2017, allowing her to work with Dr. Kate Congreves in the College of Agriculture.