UACC Animal Order Desk

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*When reporting animals, please put zeros into the CFOAPAL field

For more information contact the Animal Order Desk or 306-966-4911.
Note: When live animals are obtained from the UACC Animal and Tissue Share Program, the PI is responsible for facility-specific fees associated with their use (e.g. housing per diems, euthanasia fees, etc.) from the date their AUP number is assigned.  Please consult your Facility Manager for details.
Note: Lab Animal order deadlines: Monday 1:00 pm for orders to commercial suppliers (delivery subject to availability)
Please refer to SOP A102 Animal Acquisition and Reporting which describes the general guidelines and responsibilities involved in the acquisition of animals and reporting of animal use in the UACC animal care and use program.
Please refer to the Procedure for Ordering and Importation of Aquatic Vertebrates when you wish to order fish or aquatic animals from commercial sources outside of the province or transport wild caught fish or aquatic animals into the province.