Staff - Office of the Vice-President Research

Picture of  Ron Borowsky

Ron Borowsky NSERC Leader

Alice Der Executive Assistant, OVPR

Alice provides the Vice-President Research with high-level administrative support. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of the vice-president’s schedule and is the first point of contact for those seeking the vice-president’s time or attention.

Picture of  Lisa Erickson

Lisa Erickson Manager, Community Engagement and Outreach

Shelley Jickling Senior HR Business Advisor, OVPR

Picture of  Jim Lee

Jim Lee PhD, P.Eng., FEC Executive Director, International

Picture of  Bram Noble

Bram Noble SSHRC Leader

Rob Norris Senior Strategist, Research Partnerships

Diana Pitoulis Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President Research

Picture of  Curtis Sanderson

Curtis Sanderson Clerical Assistant, Community Engagement and Outreach

Picture of  Kevin Schneider

Kevin Schneider Associate Vice-President Research (Interim)

Picture of  Jim Thornhill

Jim Thornhill Special Assistant to the Vice-President Research

Picture of  Kevin Veitenheimer

Kevin Veitenheimer Senior Financial Officer

Picture of  Kathryn Warden

Kathryn Warden Director, Research Profile and Impact

Tonya Wirchenko Manager, Executive Initiatives and Projects

Picture of  Li Zong

Li Zong Special Advisor on China; Director, Confucius Institute