Challenges, often sponsored by business, provide students with the opportunity to compete for funding, scholarships, and other opportunities while gaining hands-on experience in exploratory and applied research. By working with interdisciplinary teams to forward solutions to global issues, students who take up challenges can form networks across disciplines and locations and demonstrate inventiveness – key assets for building careers.

IXL Innovation Olympics

The IXL Innovation Olympics is an eight-week action learning program offered each academic quarter for business school students to integrate their business knowledge to solve a real innovation & growth issue for a senior executive from a company.

Canadian CubeSat Project

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) invites universities across the country to design, build and launch their own satellite! Teams of professors and students can apply to receive one of 13 $200,000 grants to fund their project. Each group then has 24 months to design their satellite for launch from the International Space Station.


This international art competition, open to anyone over 18, is held in the fall each year and gives young artists a chance to share their work in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Open to all fine arts, including 2-D, 3-D, time-based or installation artwork and performance.

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