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The University’s Human Resources website provides support for the Principal Investigator to assist with his/her research funding including:

  • Information for Principal Investigators and their Research Personnel
  • Forms and Sample Letters
  • Recruitment and Interview Guide
  • Compensation Information
  • Employment Agreements
  • Information on Volunteers

Research Classification Guidelines

Research Criteria Matrix

Hiring Staff and Payroll Information

If you will be hiring and overseeing staff, visit the Human Resources website for information on the required paperwork and processes. For more information regarding Payroll, please consult Payroll & Payment Services

It is important to decide whether you wish to fund students via a salary or a stipend. If you wish to fund a student to work part-time on your project, then it is appropriate to pay the student a salary. A graduate student can receive a stipend from a grant if the work they are doing is part of the student's training and comprises a thesis or a cognate academic requirement.

The current benefit rate for the University of Saskatchewan is about 14%. It is advisable to include benefits in your budget because, if you don’t, the University will take the money to pay for benefits out of your grant anyway. Please note that the benefit rate changes every January.  This page will be updated with new information as it comes available. With the benefits included, your budget should include the following stipends for any graduate students you wish to fund.

For Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) supported grants, information pertaining to the documents to be submitted can be found at Tri-Agency Budget Guidelines