A list of standard operating procedures that may also be applicable to your workplace is available through the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS). Please contact an HSEMS Consultant at HSEMS@usask.ca or visit their website at http://www.usask.ca/hsems.

The National Cancer Institute has a Cancer Models Database available for use. A Cancer Images Database is also available. The caMOD database allows one to: 1. Search Models - Query the Cancer Models database for models submitted by fellow researchers. Retrieve information about the making of models, their genetic description, histopathology, derived cell lines, associated images, carcinogenic agents, and therapeutic trials. Links to associated publications and other resources are provided. 2. Submit Models - Submit your model for human cancer.  Animal models recapitulate many aspects of the genesis, progression, and clinical course of human cancers and are valuable resources to cancer researchers engaged in a variety of investigations.

Norecopa (Norwegian Consensus-Platform for Alternatives) provides links to a variety of guidelines for wildlife research, from a number of countries.

Prairie Diagnostic Services (PDS)

Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc. (PDS) is a non-profit corporation funded by the Province of Saskatchewan and the University of Saskatchewan. PDS provides client-focused veterinary laboratory services and expertise in support of animal health diagnostics, research, teaching and surveillance. The provincial veterinary laboratory is based at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

To submit a sample, please refer to the PDS Submission Form page, or for more information, please visit the PDS website. A complete list of the diagnostic tests offered at PDS as well as many of the referred out tests are listed in their test guide.