The University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region (RQHR) are parties to a provincial research ethics harmonization process. For researchers, this means is that any application requiring review by two or more of these REBs will follow the provincial review process for multi-jurisdictional applications. For example, a researcher from the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Regina applying to conduct research in the RQHR will need to submit an application for research ethics review to both the University of Saskatchewan and the RQHR REB. 

If your application requires review by two or more of these REBs, you must email your application to all relevant REBs simultaneously.

Upon receipt of your application, one REB will be assigned as your initial review site (the main REB assigned to your project). All applicable REBs will remain involved in the review of your project. You will receive ONE harmonized review ("Notice of Ethical Review") representing the requirements of all applicable REBs. You must receive a Certificate of Approval from the initial review site as well as a “Letter of Acceptance” from the receiving REB(s) before you proceed with your research. In rare instances in which a harmonized review cannot be conducted, you will receive separate Certificates of Approval from each site.

Important Points
The three Saskatchewan REBs share identical application and consent form templates. If your research falls within the jurisdiction of more than one Saskatchewan REB, submit the application and all supporting documents by email to BOTH/ALL REBs at the same time. Do not submit your application to REBs that fall outside the jurisdiction of your research. For example, a University of Saskatchewan student or professor applying to do research in the RQHR would submitted to only the U of S and RQHR REBs.

Please note: research conducted within the RQHR will also require submission of an Operational/Department Approval form along with the REB application.

You will receive one Notice of Ethical Review from the "initial review site" on behalf of all of the REBs involved in the review of your project. When submitting your response, please respond to ALL applicable REBs.

You must receive approval from all applicable REBs prior to beginning your research. This includes a Certificate of Approval issues by the initial review site and a letter of acceptance from the other REB(s) acknowledging the institution will accept the Certificate of Approval issued by the initial review site. In rare instances where the REBs determine that harmonization of the review will not be possible, you will receive separate Certificates of Approval from both sites.

Investigators need only submit continuing ethical review documentation (e.g. annual renewals, applications for amendments, closure reports) to the REB who issued the Certificate of Approval.  Do not send copies to REBs who have issued a letter of acceptance.

Submitting Your Application
Please use the following email addresses when submitting your application: