• How many copies of my ethics application need to be submitted to the Animal Research Ethics Board?

One original with signatures (hard copy) plus an electronic copy are required.

  • Does my project require animal ethics review and approval?

The University of Saskatchewan Animal Research Ethics Board (Animal REB) operates in accordance with the Canadian standards for experimental animal care and use as defined in the guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).  The CCAC provides the principle body of “rules” under which the Animal REB functions.  All research that involves living animal subjects or the use of animal tissue from subjects requires review and approval by the Animal REB according to the guidelines set out therein.  
The following list represents a broad overview of the range of research projects or situations that would require review and approval by the REB:

    • Research that will be published.
    • Research that is funded or unfunded.  Funding may be internal or external.
    • Projects where participants are from inside or outside the university.
    • Research that is conducted by students or faculty.
    • Research projects that are conducted inside or outside the institution.
    • Research designs that are observational, experimental, correctional, or descriptive.
    • Review is still required even if a similar project has been approved elsewhere.
    • Pilot studies or fully developed projects undergo the same review process.
    • The primary goal of the research is for teaching or training purposes, or the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Where is the Research Ethics Office located?

Room 223 Thorvaldson, 
110 Science Place,
Saskatoon SK S7N 4J8

Telephone: 306.966.4126
Facsimile: 306.966.2069