Applying for Institutional Awards

Awards from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) are granted to the university as an institution rather than to an individual Faculty member. Therefore, the Vice-President Research (VPR) is accountable for all aspects of the award. The CFI has detailed policy and program guidelines and reporting requirements related to the use and administration of the funds. To increase the success rate of CFI applications, the University of Saskatchewan has implemented an internal application development and review process at the pre-submission stage. The Research Services and Ethics Office coordinates the application process and oversees post-award administration of all CFI awards on behalf of the VPR.

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Current CFI Funding Programs


CFI Competition Deadline

Cyberinfrastructure Initiative - Challenge 1

Contact Sandra Stone for details

John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) 

February and October each year.
Internal deadlines: September and May

Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF)

Eligible individuals will be notified in January.

Innovation Fund 2019 (IF 2019)

Innovation Fund 2019 – UofS Process

To be announced.

Post Award Administration

Award Acceptance and Post-Award Procedures

OVPR Financial Commons will assist the Project Leader with any applications for matching funds and with finalization of the agreements/contracts for matching funds. During this time, OVPR Financial Commons will discuss procedures for CFI purchasing and renovations, project reporting requirements and any other concerns, with the Project Leader. When all agreements for matching funds are finalized, all relevant certificates for health and safety and ethics are filed, and project space is available, OVPR Financial Commons submits the Confirmation of Award and Itemized List and Summary of Secured Contributions form to CFI. After the Award Agreement documents are sent to CFI, purchasing for the project may begin in consultation with the OVPR Financial Commons office. See CFI Post-Award Procedures for details.

Post-Award Administration

CFI awards are institutional awards and therefore, the Vice-President Research holds all project funds. OVPR Financial Commons, on behalf of the Vice-President Research, will administer each award and assist the Project Leaders throughout the process.

CFI awards are executed differently from awards through other granting agencies, as follows:

  • OVPR Financial Commons must authorize all expenditures for the award
  • OVPR Financial Commons is responsible for:
    • Coordinating all CFI and other funding reports. Each Project Leader will be asked to prepare status reports as needed
    • Providing all financial statements to the funding partners
    • Notifying each Project Leader prior to closing the project file
  • Research Services is responsible for:
    • Coordinating all CFI Annual Project Progress Reports