Facilitation Framework Graphic

14 May 2018: NSERC Grants Workshop Slides and Video

2018: Significant Contributions Template and Phrase Bank 

5 December 2017: Open Access and your Research

2 November 2017: SSHRC Workshop Series – Budget Justification

31 October 2017: SSHRC Workshop Series – Methodology

26 October 2017: SSHRC Insight Development Grant Workshop/Panel Q&A

27 September 2017: NSERC Webinar on How to Submit a Discovery Grant Application

14 September 2017: NSERC Webinar on How to Submit a Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) Application and FAQ

13 July 2017: NSERC Webinar on How to Prepare a Notification of Intent to Apply (NOI) for Discovery Grants

20 June 2017: SSHRC Insight Grant Workshop/Panel Q&A

18 May 2017: NSERC Discovery and Research Tools and Instruments Grants Workshop Slides and Video

9 January 2017: SSHRC Insight Development Grant Workshop, Q & A Session 

2017: Terms of Reference for Distinguished Researcher Award and New Researcher Award

7 December 2016: SSHRC Webinar on 2017 Insight Development Grant

3 November 2016: MITACS-SSHRC Information Session  

25 October 2016: SSHRC Insight Development Grant Workshop Slides

19 September 2016: CIHR Project Scheme CCV Clinic, Application Update, Q & A Session

7 September 2016: SSHRC Insight Grant Webinar

26 July 2016: SSHRC Insight Grant Workshop Slides

28 June 2016: Grand Challenges Canada Presentation

15 June 2016: SSHRC Partnership Development Grant Workshop Slides

16 May 2016: NSERC Discovery and RTI Workshop Slides and Video

5 May 2016: SSHRC 101 Workshop Slides

11 February 2016: NSERC Strategic Outreach Presentation and Strategic Partnership Grant Presentation

8 January 2016: SSHRC Insight Development Grant Workshop #2 Workshop Slides

30 October 2015: SSHRC Insight Development Grant Workshop #1 Workshop Slides

19 October 2015: CFI Consultation Discussion Paper

29 July 2015: SSHRC Insight Grant Workshop #1 Slides

8 July 2015: NSERC Discovery Grants Workshop Slides and Video 

17 June 2015: Research Metrics Webinar Slides 

11 June 2015: SSHRC Partnership Development Grants (PDG) Workshop Slides

25 May 2015: Patient Oriented Research (POR):  Saskatchewan Style Slides and SCPOR Governance and Interface with Sk Health System

22 May 2015: NSERC Update Presentation Slides

6 May 2015: SSHRC 101 Workshop Slides

29 April 2015: Writing Winning Grants Presentation Slides-Martin Butler

16 September 2014: NSERC Discovery Grant Internal Review Briefing Session Slides

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