Get ethics approval

Any research or study conducted at University facilities, or undertaken by persons connected to the University, involving human subjectsanimals or biohazardous materials must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Research Ethics Board (REB) or Committee.

If your research involves hazardous materials, contact USask Safety Services.

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Set up a new research fund

Research funds are held by the University and are not the property of Principal Investigator.   The terms and conditions of a research agreement administered by the University must conform to University Policies and Guidelines in order for a new fund to be started.

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Hiring research staff

USask Human Resources provides support for the Principal Investigator to assist with his/her research funding including:

  • Information for Principal Investigators and their Research Personnel
  • Forms and Sample Letters
  • Recruitment and Interview Guide
  • Compensation Information
  • Employment Agreements
  • Information on Volunteers
  • Details (classifications and criteria) for how research staff are categorized

For Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) supported grants, information pertaining to the documents to be submitted can be found at Tri-Agency Budget Guidelines

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Other research fund questions?

If you have questions about transferring Funds between institutions, amending, extending, or ending your agreement/project, or leaving USask, consult the Knowledge Base for up-to-date information and/or contact the Research Services and Ethics Office.

For information on financial management policies and procedures, your roles and responsibilities, and compliance with tri-agency financial compliance program, visit USask Financial Services.