End-of-grant KT includes dissemination and communication activities undertaken by most researchers, such as KT to peers through conference presentations, publications in peer-reviewed journals and publishing results in open access journals or repositories. End-of-grant KT can also involve more intensive dissemination activities that tailor the message and medium to a specific audience such as summary briefings to stakeholders, interactive educational sessions with patients, practitioners and/or policy makers, media engagement and involves the use of knowledge brokers. (reference: WikiSpaces)

The KT section of grant applications has become increasingly important over the past number of years. The ultimate goal of research is to have it put to meaningful use in real world settings and the KT section is where the researcher will describe how he/she will move towards that accomplishment. Factors to consider in your KT plan may include:

• Formation of a KT committee
• Dissemination of research progress and results to knowledge users through media, websites, and public lectures
• Dissemination to the scientific community through publication and presentations
• Training and mentorship of research personnel
• Leveraging to secure additional funding
• Production of a tool or intellectual property of some kind

For further details and guidelines see CIHR Guide to KT