SSHRC Matters

SSHRC Matters is a new research series designed to highlight the importance of social science, humanities and artistic research, scholarship, and expression, as well as its impact on our campus, in our communities, and for our world.


Inaugural Event

The inaugural event started our converstaion off where it all began....with recognition of the fundamental research relationship between graduate students and their supervisors.

We heard from:

  • Dr. Ryan Walker and Joel Bernbaum (Interdisciplinary)
  • Dr. Jing Xiao and Nataliia Zakharchuk (Education)
  • Dr. Ken Coates and Oxana Pimenova (Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy)

They discussed the importance of student/supervisor relationship, the journey, benefits and challenges to acquiring SSHRC funding, and tips and tricks that foster strong student/supervisor relationships.

The event was cohosted by Dr. Dawn Wallin, OVPR SSHRC Lead, and Dr. Debby Burshtyn, Dean of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.