Staff - Research Services and Ethics Office

Ronda Appell Research Support Specialist

Taunia Arthur UACC Animal Technician

Picture of  Joni Aschim

Joni Aschim Human Research Ethics Coordinator

Picture of  Nicole Benning

Nicole Benning Research Support Specialist

Tate Cao Research Support Specialist

Michelle Cholowsky Contracts Specialist

Bernadette El-Gayed Clerical Assistant, RSEO

Gail Flynn (on leave) Research Ethics Coordinator, Animal & Human Ethics

Melanie Gibbons Animal Welfare Veterinarian

Picture of  Deborah Houston

Deborah Houston Contracts Specialist

Picture of  Mahfam Jan

Mahfam Jan Internal Review Specialist, NSERC

Leah Johnson Research Support Specialist

Corinna Kashuba University Veterinarian

Jaspreet Kaur Grant Specialist

Bonnie Korthuis Lead Human Research Ethics Specialist

Tania Liboiron UACC Animal Technician

Picture of  Dena McMartin

Dena McMartin PhD, P.Eng., FEC Director of Research Services and Assistant Vice-President Research

Picture of  Brenda Meyer-Burt

Brenda Meyer-Burt Research Support Specialist

Picture of  Oksana Moshynska

Oksana Moshynska Research Programs Advisor

Picture of  Jackie Oliver

Jackie Oliver Contracts Specialist

Picture of  Amanda  Plante

Amanda Plante Research Ethics Specialist (Animal)

Caitlin Prebble (term) Human Research Ethics Coordinator

Jason Raine Senior Advisor, Aquatics Research Facilities

Nick Reymond Human Research Ethics Specialist (Behavioural)

Carrie Rhodes UACC Animal Technician

Picture of  Laurie Schimpf

Laurie Schimpf Research Support Specialist

Picture of  Sandra  Stone

Sandra Stone Lead CFI Specialist

Kurtis Swekla Animal Welfare Veterinarian

Adrian Taylor Clerical Assistant, Human Research Ethics

Brittany Walch Internal Review Specialist, SSHRC and CIHR